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Letting Go

Letting go is hard. Of anything really. Especially for us eternal optimists and ever confident and hopeful souls. I tend to always believe the best will happen, and that things will work out pretty close to how I think they will. Most of the time I'm wrong, but nevertheless, I still keep hoping! Hope is a double-edged sword. When we are hoping in things that have a secure foundation, our hope is good and uplifting because it is based on truth. Hope that is not based on truth, however, can lead us down a desperate spiral that is very hard to get out of. When we cling to things that can crumble at any moment, when we gain our sense of security from things that change, our hope leads us astray. Breaking away from that hope is one of the most painful processes I know. We hope because whatever we are hoping for holds some promise of happiness or completion. When we finally realize that our hope is empty and that that which we long for is not going to come to pass, we must let go. Givin…

Ever tire?

Do you ever get tired of being strong? I do. I know that the Spirit is supposed to be my strength, but I still get tired. I'm tired right now of trying to feel or not feel or think or not think certain things. Maybe I'm not living His strength the way I could. Regardless, it is always such an effort to keep lifting my thoughts to Him, to continually refocus on Jesus. If it is God who does the strengthening, why do I continue to spend myself? I don't know, but I do know that thanksgiving and the presence of God change things. Next time you are down or tired try thinking, "God is HERE. Right now. Right beside me." I never would have guessed it, but that reality changes my whole perspective and makes me smile. Mmmm. Thanksgiving. It can be very difficult. And even more difficult to really mean. Not only, as my roommate said today, does gratitude release healing chemicals into our bodies, :o) it also demonstrates and fosters trust in God. We trust th…