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Out of control and in His will

What does God's sovereignty mean? I don't mean the definition; I mean in how I live my life, in how I understand what is going on around me. Do I truly believe that God is working all things together for the good of those who love Him, and that He is working out His will and purposes in every circumstance of my life? Bringing that concept down from theoretical belief to allowing it to take hold in my thoughts and reactions to circumstances is pretty difficult. Do I trust that whatever happens is in God's hands, and so believing, entrust them into His hands completely? How do I let go of control? How do I rest? I used to think I knew how to do this. I thought I was pretty good at it actually, but the more I experience difficult circumstances the more I realize I have an ingrained pattern of taking control when things seem to be out of control. Oh, Lord. How do I let go? How can I live wisely and at the same time give up control? I want you to be in control, but …


Wandering, waiting,
Asking, seeking,
Trusting, knowing,
Hoping, laughing.

His hand, my shoulder,
My heart, his hold,
His grip, my tear,
His strength, my rest.

Falling, falling,
Kneeling, curling,
Rocking, shaking,
Standing, rising.


Peace, peace,
Peace, peace,
Peace, need,


Love is so painful sometimes. We think it's not supposed to be. Love should be something that uplifts, not somethings that brings us down. Right? If our love is harmful to us, then why put up with it? Why invest in it? Why listen to it? Why not just get rid of it? Fill it up with anger or contempt. That would be easier. But love... love bleeds sometimes. It hemorrhages, and it just won't stop. The rejection of our love is what hurts. That someone would refuse to accept the most precious thing we have to give. I think about God. How God is calling, inviting, offering his love, which he sacrificed his life for in order to offer. And yet, we reject it, over and over again. Does he feel the same pain? Does he long for us like we long for others? I'm so sorry, Father. My love does not even come close to yours. Does that pain you? Or do you wait patiently, knowing simply that I am incapable of such love? Are you so secure in your own love, that my lack of it does not move you? W…