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Balancing Act

What is the balance between depending on God and depending on people? Seems like when I do depend on people, I'm inevitably disappointed because nobody's perfect. I can't really blame them. That's just the way we are. But, I hate being disappointed... so I'd rather not depend on people at all. Maybe it's practice in forgiveness and grace... Ultimately, people cannot provide for my needs in a complete way. They can offer me appetizers for my hunger, little snippets of provision and compansionship, but never wholeness. Is it possible to find my fulfillment and provision completely in God, and at the same time be connected to the body in a way that requires interdependence and cooperation? If so, would I still be disappointed when people fail me? I guess I go back to forgiveness. God never said the interdependence of the body would be perfect. He just said to be that way. But still, the source of the body is Christ. So when that person I'm depending on bails, …