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I just feel like writing tonight. What do I want to write about? Let's dig up some thoughts that are rolling around up here.

Number one, our relationship with God and how we perceive him to be is reflected in our relationships with others and how we perceive them to be. This is an intersting concept for me. A very wise woman challenged me with that belief recently. I haven't yet processed whether or not there is Biblical foundation for that, but my guess is that there is probably a lot of truth to it. It is interesting as I hear all these relational therapy theories about family systems, differentiation, triangulation, pursuer/distancer, attachment, life narratives... They are all intersting. Some seem more reflective of reality than others. Some seem to fit some situations better than others. Some are just weird. What I have been noticing lately, is that many of the good principles in these theories were taught by Christ, taught to the church in the epistles, or spoken by Go…