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Love, Needs, and a Promise

One of the hardest things in the world is when you realize that someone's love is not unconditional. Harder still is when you realize that your actions were the cause of the loss of it. Looking at these realities from an earthly perspective will crush us in despair, because what is life for if not to love and be loved? And what hope do we have if we are unable to maintain that love?

Henry Nouwen writes, "Forgiveness means forgiving someone for not being God, for not fulfilling all of my needs." This is so true... We live in a culture of "my needs" and "how can I get my needs met"? We are angry when someone does not fulfill our needs, and we think healthy relationships mean meeting each other's "needs." The problem is that no one on earth can fulfill this simple expectation. No one can love always unconditionally, and no one can fill even one need of yours completely, including your need for love. What are we to do then? If the possibilit…