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Joy in Suffering - The decision to trust

Real trust only happens when the relationship is challenged.

A couple of years ago I remember praying for God to teach me to have joy in suffering. (See this post from 2010. Though I don't have this mastered by any means, I have begun to taste what that can be like. And what I am discovering is that joy comes through trust.

I have an amazing friend who has suffered in life in ways I can't even imagine. When I met her she was depressed, hopeless, anxious, on the verge of divorce, destructive to herself and her family. Through many long conversations and God-arranged circumstances, she came to trust Jesus as her hope, love and salvation. In one of those conversations she was seeking my advice because she was afraid her husband was having an affair. He had been unfaithful in the past and she was racked by constant worry that he was doing it again. She was thinking of scheme after scheme to catch him in the act and saying that she just could not trust him. In a moment of clarity…