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Falling Forward

I saw someone from my past today. Someone who, when I look at them, I see my failure. Maybe it's different for others, but for me, failure has always been a four letter word. As I look back on my life I realize that for the longest time the majority of my decisions were motivated at least in part to reduce the chances of failure or, at least, the chances that others would see it. Eventually though, my humanity caught up with me, and there came a time in my life where not only did I fail, but I was brought very very low. My failure turned into a season in which all my attempts at overcoming my weakness and sinfulness resulted in continued brokenness. God did redeem this time and brought amazing growth, grace and intimacy with him as a result. However, the reverberations of this failure continue to sound in my heart and life. The process has been beautiful and painful. I am intrigued by it.

I was listening to a book on leadership recently, and the author was addressing the topic of …