Saturday, January 14, 2017

Soul Rest

It is one of those beautiful rare moments of rest. Real soul rest, when the sin that has been eating at our hearts is revealed, confessed and healed. What peace! Oh that those moments would not be so rare but that I would become adamant about asking God to reveal my sin and give the grace of repentance and cleansing. I read in a book today that we often ask God to snap his fingers to bring healing or change, but we are unwilling to look at the root of the pain or behavior.  He knows better... A symptom that is instantly removed without true healing will inevitably return, and often even more entrenched as we choose the sin again that is strengthening it. Sometimes our suffering is God's grace to reveal the source of our pain or reactions so that we will see the pattern, the depth of the wound, the need for healing and the sin that has grown in response to the wound. Sometimes this sin is more harmful to our souls than the original wound, as we scramble to protect, defend, control and fight off the pain from repeating itself. Only after that sin manifests itself in continued pain and brokenness do we sometimes see how we have prevented our own healing through it. This is God's grace: to allow problems, relationships, challenges to expose what needs to be healed.  The pain tips us off that something needs healing. Let's allow God to do his deep heart search and deep heart repair so that we may be healed. Every. Single. Day.